Welcome to Naya cloth diapers

Welcome to Naya Cloth Diapers, the creators of easy-to-use, affordable and attractive cloth diapers, cloth nappies in India.

Naya Cloth Diapers are designed to keep the baby dry for longer without any chemicals and without leakage. Naya Cloth Diapers do not pose any health risks like disposable diapers, they are soft on baby, save money for the dad, and make it easy for mom to use.

Naya’s one size pocket cloth diaper comes with 3 row down snaps and 2 row hip snaps that are meant to fit the diaper for any babies from 3 kg to 15 kg. Buy once and adjust the snaps when baby grows!!

In addition to that, Naya Cloth Diapers are the first brand in India to introduce exciting designs including your favorite cartoon characters.

What are you waiting for? Switch to Naya Cloth Diapers and join the millions of happy cloth-diapering families across the world.

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